Chemical & Reagents

LEL has been the Tanzania leading supplier of laboratory reagents, bio chemicals and microscopy products for almost 20 years. Select the most suitable product for your work from the wide range of general purpose and application specific LEL grades described.

The LEL range of General Purpose Reagents represent about 900 products with many potential application and a wide choice of pack size. Careful control ensure that a consistently high, defined quality is maintained throughout.

The international recognized name for our manufacturers comprehensive range of over 400 high purity analytical grade reagents. Analar products are characterized by extensive, guarantee specifications with the potential contaminates measured on every batch of material to ensure a consistent performance time after time. The quoted limits represent maximum permitted level of impurities, there are no typical analyses”.

A selection of accurate, time saving, ready-to-use analytical grade volumetric solutions with a concentration tolerance of ± 0.1%. The choice of packing includes the convenient 10 litre bag-in-a-box wich is particularly useful when large numbers of titrations are being performed.


Situated at
Keko Mwanga Area, Off  Nyerere Road, Lab complex Plot No.966 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The LEL customer Service Center(CSC) were designed to help our customer reduce their stockholding burdens. The LEL state-of-the-art sales office and warehouse complex, with more than thousands of different items stored in segregated area.